Hatsune Miku VTuber

Who is Hatsune Miku?

Hatsune Miku is one of the most iconic VOCALOID who became a very popular YouTuber with a huge community from Japan, the US, and the rest of the world. She was developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc. and released seventeen years ago, receiving the appearance of a teenager.

From the beginning, she was only an English-speaking VTuber, but after an update in 2013-2014 years, Hatsune Miku became multilingual, covering English and Japanese. In 2016, she started speaking Mandarin. 

She was a result of a consistent collaboration of Crypton Future Media, Inc., YAMAHA, and SEGA with Piapro Studio episodically. Crypton and YAMAHA keep supporting the whole VOCALOID family including Hatsune Miku, especially in producing and selling merchandise, supporting the community, and many others. 

Her success is overwhelming because even after that many years her YouTube channel is still active and tickets for her performance start from several hundred dollars and end up to six thousand dollars for one ticket. 

Hatsune Miku VTuber

Hatsune Miku runs a channel with almost three million subscribers on YouTube, The channel was created on September 30, 2007, in Japan. There are over six hundred videos uploaded and most of them are songs. The channel is described as a collaboration place “The Official Hatsune Miku Channel. Virtual singer software “Hatsune Miku” enables anyone to make her sing easily. After its release, numerous works have been created by users. Along with official videos, works by creators and videos as collaborations with corporate partners are shared here.”

There are several platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the site, Karent where she posts information about upcoming songs, products, features, and updates.

We can easily find events, and challenges such as “MikuChallenge Hatsune Miku’s Award Ceremony” and many other funny-to-join activities like creating shorts with her, dancing, and singing.

Under any video, there’s a block of information about ticket sales around the world where she will perform her songs.

What Does Hatsune Miku Look Like?

There are three official looks were released for Hatsune Miku. We have systemized the most important details in three blocks in the following list:

  • She has a slim body that everyone expects to see about a sixteen-year-old girl.
  • In the first version, Hatsune Miku has wide cheekbones.
  • There is a cute mouth and an accurate nose.
  • Her haircut is of a light-blue-green color with two big pigtails up to the ankles.
  • She has big beautiful eyes of shaded blue-green color with light-green borders.
  • There are headphones with a mic on her head.
  • She painted nails in a blue color.
  • She wears a gray stylish jacket with a blue-green tie with two holders.
  • There are two hand covers that are stylized as a YAMAHA.
  • There is a red tattoo of 01 on the left shoulder.
  • She wears a YAMAHA-styled shirt in black color with blue-green edging.
  • She wears over-knee boots of a black color with some blue lights on them.
  • The second look is more color-diversified.
  • Her face looks a bit more mature with smaller eyes & pupils.
  • Her haircut is still blue colored but there are a lot of different colors such as green, blue, purple, and similar shades.
  • The color of her jacket was changed to a mix of white, purple, pink, and their shades.
  • Her tie is not attached now.
  • The skirt color was changed to a mix of navy blue and purple with big sky-blue edging.
  • Miku puts on long over-knee boots of the same color as the skirt.
  • There is the third version of Hatsune Miku’s appearance that looks like her first look with some updates.
  • Now, her pigtails are split into several ones and they are not as big as the original.
  • She puts on a white open-shoulder blouse with a white collar and some almost unseen blue edging around her shoulders.
  • She wears a tie of an aquamarine color with a dark green holder.
  • Her nails’ color became much lighter and it almost matched the color of the tie.
  • The skirt became more technological and stylish, receiving some extra details everyone would like to notice.

Hatsune Miku Face Reveal

There’s no consistent streamer behind Hatsune Miku’s personality. Everything we know for sure is that her voice was provided by Fujita Saki who is a well-known Japanese voice actress who participated in many projects like TV series, VOCALOID products, games, and movies. 

She is 39 years old veteran of the VOCALOID project supporting all voice duties for Hatsune Miku. During VOCALOID and VOCALOID2 projects she has been growing as a professional providing accurate reading of various scripts. VOCALOID3 project brought a new challenge to her to provide Hatsune Miku with English samples. Even working with a big accent at the beginning her work was accepted and moved to production.

Interesting Facts of Hatsune Miku VTuber

There are a lot of interesting facts about Hatsune Miku as a singer, performer, and VTuber.

  • She was designed and developed as the first VOCALOID in Japan by Crypton Future Media, Inc. 
  • The first release happened in August 2007.
  • Her age was set at 16 years old to avoid any adult speculations.
  • She was released in the VOCALOID series from 2007 to 2019.
  • The parental company decided to step away from developing the VOCALOID series and start working on new products.
  • Saki Fujita has covered Hatsune Miku with her voice, adding even more marketing impact to her character.
  • Crypton Future Media, Inc. works together with YAMAHA on this project, selling merchandise.
  • She received a name of “Character Voice 01” or “CV01.”
  • There was “Item Wars” where VOCALOID fans tried to assign a specific item to each Vocaloid. She received a Spring Onion as a totemic item. We can see her with it on many official figures.
  • She has three types of appearance that were switched to add some freshness to her look and provide collectors with some new merchandise to gather.
  • After several years of huge success in Japan, Crypton company started its marketing efforts in the US market.
  • They decided to introduce her to the West market as a virtual singer and this was approved by the audience.

How Old is Hatsune Miku?

Hatsune Miku is sixteen years old. This age was picked in a purpose to put her aside from any adult questions, NSFW content, talks, conversation, etc. We would like to note that this is a good opportunity to make her a real diva and keep supporting her as a brand for many years.

There are various topics created on Reddit where people discuss whether she has to grow and become an adult. There’s no answer that could be supported by everyone because a lot of fans want to keep her as a teenager so people keep focusing only on her songs and performance. On another side, a lot of people would like to see her as an adult who will start streaming on YouTube, collaborating with other artists, playing games, talking about her personality, and having funny chats.

Where is Hatsune Miku From?

Hatsune Miku is a character that was developed in Japan by Crypton Future Media, Inc. In addition to this, she is affiliated with companies like YAMAHA Corporation, SEGA, and Piapro Studio.

If we talk about recorded voice for Hatsune Miku songs, there’s Saki Fujita who works for Miku as a voice actress. She was not only involved in recording songs and other voice duties for this project, but she is also well-known for her voicing of various animes and singing opening and ending songs in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story, Pretty Cure Dream Stars! & Pretty Cure Super Stars!. Also, in various game of series: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, Blue Archive, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Super Robot Wars UX, Street Fighter X Tekken, and many others.

Where Does Hatsune Miku Live?

Hatsune Miku is a digital personality who doesn’t have a permanent model behind her YouTube profile who would stream her content several times a week or so. Her VTuber channel was abandoned for over three years. That’s why we can’t talk about where she lives because by default she is just an AI personality.

Everything we have is the fact that she can sing in Japanese and English. So, her background is based on a Japanese girl. She was developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc. from Japan.

How Tall is Hatsune Miku?

Hatsune Miku is 158cm or 5’1. This is absolutely fine and common height for a girl, especially for her young age. Actually, her tallness does not matter at all because her figure is protected on the stage when she performs her song on her own or with other VOCALOIDS. 

We checked Reddit to understand if people have any complaints about her tallness but couldn’t find any. The most of discussions go about her merchandise, performance schedule, about information that if there is a real streamer behind her personality this would be not a good move because if something goes wrong no one blames a streamer but Hatsune Miku. This would damage her brand and possibilities for future collaboration. 

How Much Does Hatsune Miku Make?

Hatsune Miku works with a channel with only sixty-six thousand subscribers. She claimed herself as an unofficial VTuber in the description of her Twitter post. The page doesn’t have any specific subscription model where we could join as a member and get some extra perks. So, it’s hard to calculate how much Hatsune Miku makes as a VTuber. Her main channel provides statistics for the SocialBlade site. The profile of Hatsune Miku on YouTube has a B rank and it was placed at eighty thousandth place. She is among the top ninety-two percent of channels. The subscribers rank is over ninety-eight percent and her spot is among the top one thousand. She has a ninety-eight percent rank in video views. Hatsune Miku was placed at one hundred eight spot among Japanese YouTubers. She is around the top ninety-seven percent of entertaining streamers.

The platform shows that she could make from two thousand to thirty thousand a month. Her channel has doubled in video views in the last 30 days.

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