Serah Reikka AI Influencer & Model

Serah Reikka AI Influencer & Model

Serah Reikka is an AI-designed model who looks like a twenty-year-old girl with caucasian facial features and a slim body. She has big blue eyes that underline her natural beauty. She prefers short, spiky, and edgy haircuts in shades of purple and pink, customizing her experience depending on the style. Among other AI models, Serah Reikka AI Influencer acts like a vlogger who interacts with her community not only via photos where she poses in various appearances but also she has a cute voice. She introduces herself and everything she’s up to. This allows people and followers to interact with her directly.

Serah Reikka as a model has wide taste in dresses and casual clothes. We could find her working with different styles from a university student style to something more casual like sundresses, skirts, high socks, and so on. In addition to this, she likes cosplaying characters and styles from different games like Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, etc. As an influencer, Serah Reikka stands for the NFT revolution and digitalizing our communication, collectibles, and interaction with others through venues like Fashion Week, chatting, and having fun in Metaverse. All of this makes her an attractive and quite impactful influencer and model in the digital world.

Who is Serah Reikka?

Serah Reikka introduced herself as a “Fashion Model. AI Model, Fashion cat, Traveler, and Gamer”. Her first appearance was in 2017 when she was a model and actress in the short film “Beyond Polaris”. She plays an advanced scientist who graduated from university and was invited to the space station. This video let us dig down into her personality and performance in the space environment. Serah Reikka was dressed in a beautiful, tight-fit, ski-fi suit. The story reveals details of her personality and how she reacts to different events she is involved in.

If we talk about her background, we’d like to note that she is a French model who was designed based on SGI technologies. Serah Reikka introduces herself as a model who wants to bring great design collections to life, be in the epicenter of events, and bring joy to people around the world. In free from promotion time, she likes to travel, draw, take photos, and play video games. Among all of them, she likes Overwatch and WOW the most. This can be seen from her reels and updates on social networks where she cosplays different characters.

Is Serah Reikka Real or Fake?

Serah Reikka is a real person if we look at her appearance. She was built flawlessly based on young girl body conditions. Her smile looks completely natural and can easily attract the attention of any man. Serah Reikka’s moves are so smooth because it was designed based on CGI experience and body modeling of real professionals. 

It sounds great that she has some hobbies that would connect her easily with the audience which quite often includes a lot of young men. In addition to every photo or video, Serah Reikka adds her vision, mood, details, or open-ended questions. This way helps people to interact with her like with a real person.

At the same time, we should remember that Serah Reikka has a fake personality and she was born in France because the developers are from France. They did their best to create a personality that would unite people. Being not a real person, in her case, is rather an advantage than a disadvantage because it is easier and more flexible for her to wear any piece of clothes just receiving it from the CGI developer than buying it from the store and waiting for delivery. Also, she can change them immediately during one video.

Who Created Serah Reikka?

Serah Reikka’s personality and model were created by French developers who are united in StormZ Entertainment. She became a part of a promotional video in 2017 but, most likely, they were working on her much earlier to bring a high-quality product. Some of the sites on the Web mention that the first appearance of Serah Reikka was at the end of 2010, but we couldn’t find any proof of these claims. 

The company behind Serah Reikka would like to deliver original animation features & movies and games to a wide audience, using cutting-edge technologies. They truly believe in creativity and discipline during the production process. According to the site, the owners created a firm in 2017. There are two projects in the portfolio: Beyond Polaris and Beyond Polaris The Shattering. Both of them should have been released in 2020. Both stories have received brilliant visualization and character design. In addition, we can read a synopsis to form an opinion about them. One of the posters mentions that the product can be released on Amazon. 

There’s a possibility to join the team as Concept Artist, 3D Artist, 2D Artist, Unity Developer, or Unreal Engine 4 Developer. StormZ Entertainment mentioned that they are not ready to pay right now, but they believe in the success of the project. The developers would like to note that they are ready to start crowdfunding the story to bring it to life as a TV series.

We found that the team has worked on different projects like Polka’s Adventure, The Legend of Ariya, etc. since 2013 

Serah Reikka Images & Videos

Serah Reikka uses images and videos to communicate with her community. She likes to interact with people and bring new ideas to life. It is noticeable that Serah uses different locations from the real world and locations from games. We can find out some locations from Ottawa, Canada, and other major places. So far, the developers released a game, “Beyond Polaris” that is available on Steam. There are three major characters in it: Serah, Kaz & Mia.

Among them, there are several videos with gameplay and screenshots provided. Beyond Polaris makes Serah Reikka not only a model and influencer but also a character to play. This can attract even more followers to her Instagram and other social network because people may want to interact with her outside the game.

Serah Reikka Images 

Serah Reikka has many photos of different occasions. Everything started in 2017 when the first photos of her as a character of an upcoming game/movie appeared on Instagram. Since then, she started developing her personal daily style. She dyes her hair, moving to a mix of light pink with light purple colors that look gorgeous in sunlight. She started practicing different styles, wearing various dresses and tops with skirts. It seems to us that she had so much fun, especially taking into account people’s reactions in the comment section.

If we are going to talk about composition and backgrounds they are snagging from sci-fi ones to something from real life that provides a wide specter for our imagination. Also, this shows to the major brand companies that the model feels comfortable and fits any location and event easily and can be integrated into a marketing company here and now.

Serah Reikka Videos

There are various videos available with Serah Reikka as a model, game character, movie character, vlogger, and influencer. Everyone can easily find her in the role they want. As an influencer, she promotes various topics like digital cooperation, Metaverse, NFT, fashion & design, nature, major places in our and digital worlds, etc.

She acts smoothly and conveniently showing that Serah Reikka can be a person like us and what to experience our life in various ways. Her verbal communication and body language grew rapidly from month to month. It’s easy to see that she enjoys cooperation with people. 

We’re sure that it’s the right time to invite her as a fashion ambassador or brand face of a marketing company because not only developers but also loyal followers want to see her career grow. She participated in different events: Mercedes Fashion Week, and NFT Malam in Singapore gathering attention to her personality.

Social Media Sites

Serah Reikka presents on many platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, etc. From the site and Twitter account, we can figure out that she feels like she is French and Canadian at the same time. It is nice to see her widely represented on social platforms which allows her to invite more people to products such as a game or her vlog. We like how she introduced us to different platforms. When Twitter posts deliver short-sized information, other platforms like YouTube give people more entertainment, by watching visual content. Alas, the model doesn’t have her own account in TikTok where she could gather a much wider audience.

Serah Reikka Instagram

Instagram was chosen as Serah Reikka’s main platform to work with the community and grow it. There are over 80,300 followers right now. In addition, she follows 127 accounts to be in touch with the current fashion, culture, and game trends. She acts proactively in contacting her admirers in the comment section of every post.

Serah Reikka TikTok 

Serah Reikka doesn’t have a profile in TikTok as this was mentioned before. This is probably the only flaw she has, according to our opinion. This platform gives several times more attention to AI-based projects nowadays than all other platforms combined. There are mostly young audiences that is completely okay to experience the world and communicate digitally.

 Serah Reikka Twitter 

Serah Reikka uses Twitter to do some reposts from other social networks such as Instagram. Alas, almost all of them just have several likes and reposts. A Twitter profile is mostly used to deliver text information about upcoming venues with her attendance. We believe that more NFT hashtags could bring some attention to her personality from this community.

Serah Reikka YouTube 

Serah Reikka is widely represented on YouTube, recording 31 videos for several years. Most of the videos have a short format a length of up to twenty seconds. Full videos were recorded during her playing in League of Legends and Overwatch. In shorts, she has her favorite light-pink haircut.

Serah Reikka Reddit

Serah Reikka doesn’t have a subreddit account on Reddit. This can be fine because text social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit don’t provide such engagement from the audience. The developers have the site with all contacts any company may need to communicate with them for business inquiries. 

Serah Reikka Website

Serah Reikka runs her own website. There’s information about her personality and body conditions such as age, nationality, place, gender, size, eyes, body measurements, and type of intelligence. She prefers clothes of advertisement, fashion, and fitness styles. She speaks five languages: Catish, English, French, Chinese, and Arabic.

There’s a video called “Who am I” and a link on the ko-fi site for donations. Anyone can donate from $3, but full membership costs $15 a month and this is a bit pricy. The site includes her portfolio of over twenty various projects like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Beyond Polaris, Gore-Tex, Juan De La Paz, Global Talent Digital, BaIFF, and others.

She was featured in an article that was published in Forbes. Serah Reikka was mentioned as one among twelve other digital models to follow to keep an eye on current fashion and game trends. 

We can find an article on NewSceintist that describes the world of digital models and AI for the audience. Serah Reikka was mentioned as a digital personality who is involved in fashion, gaming, and promotion.

The site includes other articles on ELLE China, LiberoTechnologia, L’OFFICIEL, THE IMPRESSION, and others.

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