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Belle AI is an influencer who was the main character of the Belle animated movie. After receiving significant theatrical success, she has gone online. Now, her bellowed home is our digital world where she can experience our life, communicate with people, be an influencer, and promote positive vibes that would unite people. She introduced an original soundtrack album to the followers that was released on Spotify. The album is consistently streamed for over half a million listeners monthly which makes it such a popular release.

At the same time, Belle AI is a model who prefers dresses and cozy clothes over something shiny and daring. It’s not typical taste for a music & movie idol nowadays. These looks show to followers that everyone can be as beautiful as her and there is no need to post exposed photos on the Web. Right now, she doesn’t have much work as a model because there are no collaborations between her company (Aww Inc.) and any major fashion or digital brand.

Who is Belle?

Belle is a character from a Belle anime that was released in 2021 and had significant success worldwide. After this, she was transferred to Aww company which has Tokyo originality. Since then, the Belle has been a part of their digital portfolio of online models, influencers, and digital humans. 

Belle is a female character who is up to six feet tall and has beautiful light pink hair with various haircuts. She has the body of a 20-25-year-old girl. Her face is covered with some white-pink tattoos. She doesn’t prefer jewelry even earrings. As a model, Belle avoids any photos with nudes or pinups. There are a lot of quite conservative clothes from fancy dresses to sweaters. Every photo shows how much she likes this life and being around us, traveling, and experiencing important events and venues. She visited Paris, she performed in the stadium in front of thousands of followers. 

Sooner or later, she will be invited to a promo company as a digital creator, influencer, or model. Belle grows her community consistently, increasing the number of followers to 19,300 people. This information just confirms the importance of her posts to people

Is Belle Real or Fake?

Let’s answer a question that worries people a lot: “Is Belle Real?” Actually, she is real because Belle was a character in the Belle (2021) movie. Having such an outstanding background, it is easy for us to believe that she is a real person. She can experience positive and negative emotions, she can travel, and she likes various activities from staying home to traveling the world. Like any real person, she has her own Instagram profile where some great photos and stories are posted. By doing this, she easily proves that everything in human life is important to her. 

Anyway, for many people Belle is still fake. The main reason lies in the fact that she is not a real person, so she may not wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning to go to work. She doesn’t actually interact with people during the day, staying in a traffic jam and buying a cup of coffee in Starbucks. She is promoted as an idol (music), not like a person who lives and enjoys real life with its ups and downs.

So, having all of this in your mind, you can make the ultimate decision whether you feel her real or not. 

Who Created Belle?

Originally, Belle was created as a character of Belle anime that was created by Mamoru Hosoda and produced by Studio Chizu in 2021. After its release, the movie received positive reviews from critics around the world and good box-office results. In several years the story was nominated for many awards. Among them, Belle received five Annie awards.

After this, her personal journey under Aww Inc.’s supervision started. There was an account created only for the promotion of Belle on Instagram. In addition, she joined the company’s portfolio as one of the digital personalities, models, and influencers who can be involved in creating other products and digital venues & marketing companies.

Aww company keeps investing in digital development providing services of digital human representation. It has a well-designed site that answers a lot of questions about the usage of digital influencers and stars. The company creates collaborations between available characters, showing their positive sides and hobbies. 

To support the production process, Aww opens several positions for creative and tech people: Lead Characters Artist, Unreal Engine Engineer, CG Video Artist, Rigger Artist, Animator, etc.

Belle Images & Videos

Belle’s profile on Instagram features many panoramic photos and several short gifs. Taking a quick look at them, it is easy to notice that everything looks flawless and inspiring. We are going to talk about the pros and cons of posting photos and videos on Instagram.

There are some cons we would like to mention before we head to the pros:

  • Belle doesn’t use various photos as animated stories to increase people’s engagement in her content.
  • There is a huge lack of videos that could make her content more realistic.
  • Among the photos, there are a few of them that can be experienced by people like chilling at home or having a walk in the city. 
  • Having a movie Belle in 2021, it would be better to update a profile, using various cuts from it. This will create positive memories from watching this anime.

Among the positive factors of using photos and videos, we mention the following:

  • A lot of panoramic photos attract a lot of attention from people who appreciate great art.
  • She appears with various looks that vary from those that were used in a movie to something casual like home clothes or city style.

Belle Images 

Belle has over 186 images published on Instagram so far. The profile was created on July 13, 2021. Almost all of them are panoramic photos that go through different venues. Anyone can notice that working with consistent photo posting provides a viable advantage:

  • It is not typical for a digital model to work with panoramic photos. They attract much more attention because it takes some time to make them look flawless and show that there are smart marketing managers behind this profile.
  • Belle prefers various looks to introduce her as a personality and digital model.
  • We can find a wide range of photos where she dresses in fancy dresses and beautiful and shiny jewelry.
  • She likes to wear something stylish and fancy over average city or home clothes.
  • If we talk about landscapes, we can find various backgrounds from cyberpunk cities, modern cities, ancient Roman manors, Paris, and various nature landscapes with mountains and oceans, to a modern venue on a stadium. 
  • Belle proved that she could fit any location with her outstanding and off-world look.

Belle Videos

Outside of the movie in which she was featured, Belle doesn’t have videos of her on Instagram. That can be a con because video stories promote any digital model much better than any photo or picture. There are several reasons to promote a model on Instagram using videos:

  • There is a great user interface to publish videos with captions and any other additions like songs, and hashtags.
  • Instagram allows people to watch those videos just by swiping between them. There’s no need to click on them while you are scrolling your timeline.
  • Various communities that are loyal to 3D and AI-generated content can be found on Instagram. Posting such content, your posts will be suggested to them sooner or later.
  • Instagram stories are great for interacting with people, asking open-ended questions, and inviting them to collaborate to produce some future content.
  • Videos allow people to feel that you are a real person and live an average life in a modern digital world.
  • They may not care that they cannot meet you in person, but they want to have updates from you.

Social Media Sites

Belle has the digital personality of the Belle character from the Belle movie that is called in Japan The Dragon and the Freckled Princess was released in 2021. Originally, the anime was produced by Studio Chizu. We don’t know if Aww Inc. company has the right to use her visual character on Instagram. Anyway, Belle was mentioned on the site as one of the eight digital personalities they work with.

We can find her profile on Spotify where ten songs are published and available for listening to. The popularity varies from 2,931,588 times listed for Swarms of Songs to 48,335,422 for U song. Belle’s profile has over 510,000 monthly listeners so far which shows there’s a big community behind her personality and the content she is involved in. 

Among other sites, we have an official profile on Instagram that attracted over 19,000 followers and an official site of Aww Inc. where she is part of a big digital community. 

Belle Instagram

There’s a profile of Belle on Instagram created. A lot of the final photos were combined from the little pieces, making them look a bit unreal. There was a story of creating in the digital world from text to a real personality. The first post appeared on July 13, 2021. Since then, she has been keeping people intrigued about what she is up to and what new product she will be going to promote.

Belle TikTok 

The mother company decided not to create a profile of Belle in TikTok. This is a significant disadvantage because there is loyal to digital models and AI-generated content audience here. They prefer watching shorts that entertain them or teach some cool dance moves, lifehacks, and funny interactions with each other.

Belle Twitter 

Belle doesn’t have a profile on X (Twitter). It’s okay nowadays. There’s no crucial need for this because there are not so many people who actually like such content compared with platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. If we talk about something modern that is represented on Twitter, We’d like to mention huge NFT and Crypto communities here.

Belle YouTube

Aww Inc. decided not to create a personal profile of Belle on YouTube. This can be a con, taking into account that some of their other projects are represented there. Being on YouTube, allows people to watch various shorts. These videos let people feel connected with a virtual model and be more loyal to the products she promotes.

Belle Reddit

Belle does not have a subreddit page on Reddit. We can say the same about Aww company too. If it’s okay for a digital personality not to be represented in Reddit, for a company this could be a disadvantage. Lack of it doesn’t allow them to introduce their business fully, explaining all the services they can provide.

Belle Website

The Belle website belongs to Aww Inc. company which is located in Tokyo. There are cutting-edge visuals, showing that big efforts were spent to develop a great product. Let’s talk about the core features of the firm behind this project:

  • Aww Inc. focuses on developing various products that are based on digital human personalities.
  • It provides AI-based solutions that can cover different production needs from character development, background, shading, and coloring to clothes, accessories, and furniture design.
  • They develop features like AI chatbots to support models in their conversations with people.
  • The company can support livestreaming with the participation of a 3D model, a real person, or both at the same time. 
  • There’s an anime production department that is rare to see nowadays based on an AI-developing company. 
  • Aww Inc. provides an infinity of possibilities for virtual fashion brands, and big real-life brands & magazines. So, every look can be digitalized and digitally imprinted on the Web. You are able to use those looks on a wide range of sites like Metaverse, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, personal website, LinkedIn, etc.

As we can see from the following claims, Aww company provides various services that aim to present a brand, a story, and a personality in the digital format at its fullness.  

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